Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anyone up for some reading?

An interesting project by Random Acts.

The project is called RWP: Read While Waiting Project

Wanna know how it works?...watch the video


  • To see more people reading (any form of literature) whenever they wait
  • To make people more conscious of whenever they are about to go somewhere and know that some waiting will be involved, then bring something to read

    for more details, do visit http://www.randomalphabets.com/

    Take.Me fully supports Random Acts and the project RWP. We hope all of our happy Take.Me friends support RWP too.

Spread the word k?! =)

With Love, me!

Take.Me custom made 'RWP' necklace
photos taken at LUM Flashmob 12 July 08 by Juliana Hilton & Shazeea Banu
credits to randomalphabets.com

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