Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hama B.Y.P Camera Necklace

This is one of design experiment necklace collections.
Name: Hama B.Y.P Camera
designed and made by me!

Material: Hama Beads

Size :6cm x 7.5cm

Colours: Blue, Yellow or Pink

with love, me!


renee said...

i love the cam necklace! :D

me! said...

thanxx reneee! =)

vicelydisco said...

hey there!
how can i get one of those eye-catching necklaces?!!
hit me bac yah! :)

tiana said...

mailed yah vicelydisco!=)

bell said...

i want it!! haha..
but is it still available for purchase?
and how can i buy it?
rply to my mail aite..


aina said...

cute! how much that fabulous necklaces? how can i buy it?
hit me back oke. (: