Friday, April 25, 2008

sea creatures + transport necklace series!

Sea Creatures

Material:Painted Wood with Silver Chain

RM12 each

Name: Crab (Sold!)

Name: Turtle (Sold!)

Name: Whale (Sold!)


Transport Series

Material: Painted Wood with Black Bobble Chain

RM12 each

Name: Red Car (Sold!)
Name: aeroplane (Sold!)
right: photo credit to Ahmad Suhaimi

Name: Chu-Chu (Sold!)

(Photography- products by Azman Hizam)


Jace said...

hey is the design a one off thing? or do u reproduce stuff? i love the aeroplane wan!!!

tiana said...

hey jacee,

yes this necklace design is a one off thing..

sorry babe!

Jace said...

whats not one off?