Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bijou Bazaar 02 - 31st May + 1st June 2008

Wow! what an awesome weekend!! Colourful clothes were everywhere, barbeque from threadszoo was yummy, especially the lamb *drools* ! And credits to the funky DJ and the talented performers who made the event even more lively than it already was. (photo below, right: zanahaz + ajim left: Oh Chentaku)

Of course, thanks to Bijou Bazaar too for the awesome-ness weekend!

This time i went for a 'borong' style, due to my late arrival and the unfortunate weather.
Despite that, everything went well and i had fun. That's all that matters! ;)

Not to forget, friends of take.me, my gratitude goes out to you people for all your support.

I wouldn't have had as much fun if it weren't for you guys!

with love, me!


::puteri eiman:: said...

waa!nicey!how i wish i can b there! =(

tiana said...

hehe thanx babe!

i'm opening up a booth @ urbanscapes KL Pac under bijou bazaar end of this month 28th june,

come comee!! =)