Friday, June 27, 2008

The winners for KLue Urbanscapes free passes

Yeay! We now have the list of winners and they are:

1) Suhaiza
2) Jen Cheah
3) Sharanes Dayane
4) Safuraa Razak
5) Amirul Adham

A big thank you to all who had participated. Do visit
Take.Me from time to time for more new updates and other competitions.

To the winners, congratulations!! Woohoo!!
Please come and collect your passes at Take.Me booth under Bijou Bazaar at the Marketplace. (please make sure that you have a Facebook account and that you have RSVP-ed that you are attending in Urbanscapes’ Facebook group)

To everyone, please come and say hi to us at the booth and check out Take.Me new design collection too. Come shop, mingle and have fun!

The map to Take.Me booth under Bijou Bazaar at Marketplace
(it's free to the marketplace, so bring everyone and shop, shop, shop! :D
would love to see you there!!)

With love, me!

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