Thursday, May 1, 2008

Art For Grabs! @ Central Market Annexe

Take.Me will be at ART FOR GRABS this weekend!!!!!

3rd + 4th May 2008

@ The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe, KL

From 12pm - 6pm

Don't miss out!

with love, me!


tania said...

I'd bought the last of your cassette/tape necklaces at the event today! =) thank you SOO much I absolutely love it! <3

will defo. order something to be custom-made when i have my next brilliant idea! :b

xxx tania

me! said...

thanx tania!! so glad to hear that from you...looking fwd to your order and your brilliant idea!

The electric company said...

hey i also buy the necklaces tape at the event :) btw cik ME, do u still have robot necklaces? :)

tiana said...

hey, electric company! which one is you? the hama beads robot necklaces? i didn't do those necklaces, contact wegra @, she does that. =)

The electric company said...

hey tiana! im the one who wear shorts that time, come with my 3 friends, 1 is a gurl name alia that im sure is a friends from 3 of u guys. and another 1 is a big guy. and errrr theres is pic of me in this blog, its from happy happy friends side, my pic num 11 from top :)..btw tiana, are u the owner :) and which one is u?