Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Awesome Mix Tape

Name: My Awesome Mix Tape
Handmade with love
Type: necklace
Material: polymer
Available colours: Black, White, Yellow, Blue,
Baby Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Baby Green, Orange


tania said...

oh goshhh i want that first one!! the white one with black lines... is it still available for purchase?


tiana said...

hi tania!
hehehe, yes babe. i still take orders for this design =)

tania said...

that's absolutely awesome..
err how exactly do the whole ordering-thing go again? Coz I know I want it! =D

email your response to me at ? kthx! =)

Anonymous said...

hellooo i want thissssss :D :D
macam mana nak contact u eh?-ejah

tiana said...

hey ejahh, can u email me @

thanx babe! =)

Nabilah said...

hey i looooove the black&white one. boleh beli through here ke? or i have to get it from your booth?

Nabilah :)

reply lah dekat sini :

thank you.

tiana said...

Hi nabilah! can order it online...

mailed ya! =)

Nabilah said...

thanks for replying. i'll think about it first okay? mwahhhs.

H a n e y said...

i want this.still available?

Diida Saifulbahrie said...

Hi, I'm Diida
Just want to ask you guys whether this awesome mixtape is still available or not ??