Wednesday, May 7, 2008


name: Puzzle necklace
handmade with love

type: necklace

material: polymer


Abeer Y said...

1. Do the 4 of them actually join?
2. Are there any of them in pairs of 2, rather than 4?

baitycariem said...

is this still available?
if it is, could u give the details at my email

Syira R. said...

is this still available ?
i'd love to have one.
if so, do send me an email,
pretty please,

tiana said...

Hey babes....

yes..i can make them fit to each other...and i can do 2 pairs too =)

baity and syira, mailed ya! =)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if this is still available :)
If it isn't much of a hassle please do mail me at:

Thanks so much! -niqui

nichole Mina said...

hey i would love a set of the puzzle pieces if they are still available. can you send me more information about them okay thanks =]

here is my email

syika said...

hey i loooveee this puzzle design
is it still on sale?
email me if it is
i love to grab one
thanx =]

Anonymous said...

these are sooo adorable....if it is not too much trouble can u email me at for any details about how much it is and if it is still available? thanks =]

fArAh07 said...

i wan diz!!

Subi said...

Can I buy this? :D
How much?
Do you have any more?

tiana said...

hi there lovelies!

thanks for interest! yes, they are still available!

Please email your order at

Hope to hear from you soon!


Peggy Tai said...
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Peggy Tai said...

hey there~~~

they are so cute!!!

is it still available now??

if so, could you email me??